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The Travelling Dress

Travelling Dress

The Travelling Dress Shoot - 7th March 2019

Jun 1, 2019
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A visit to a fellow photographer

A Visit to Elaine Rolfe Photography


Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting a fellow photographer in Abergavenny, Elaine Rolfe. Elaine is also a Newborn photographer along with other genres. We had previously met in The Northern Newborn Photography Show in Blackpool earlier in the year. I took the train from Llanelli and decided to make a day of it as the journey is over 2 hours long. I was made very welcome and was invited into her lovely home studio. It's extremely important to have friends with common interests as being a self employed photographer working alone can be lonely, so discussing ideas and sharing experiences can be uplifting and invaluable.

We borrowed her gorgeous newborn grandson Cody as our model for the day, which I am thankful to his Mam and Dad for, and we experimented. Elaine's use of colour was refreshing and the use of flowers which makes her work stand out was a really pretty touch. We did submit Cody to wearing a flower bonnet so I apologise for that now, although it will make a hilarious photo to show at his 18th birthday party! This is not something I would normally do so don't worry about your little ones when they come for a Newborn photography session with me in Llanelli !!

I was in my element looking through all Elaine's props and there is close competition there as to who is the biggest prop hoarder out of the two of us. We did some prop shots using a bucket and tried potato sack on flokati then continued onto the bean bag. Cody was not a happy chappy, he is a big strong boy and was 3 weeks old but he was chilled enough to let us pose him for a short while.

I really like the zingy colours of the last photo. Elaine demonstrated her lovely lighting and how she utilises her large umbrella and beanbag position to make the best of the light and shadows. We then went for lunch and a good chat, bouncing ideas of each other, and a walk round the lovely quirky town which had lots of independent unusual shops. It was nice to get out as I have been reluctant to go recently. We arranged a further trip where we will be trying some new maternity ideas very soon. I then caught a very crowded train back home. Thank you to Elaine at Elaine Rolfe Photography for her company. x