Multiple Mayhem. Photographer of Twins and Triplets.

We all know how difficult having a newborn baby can be we either have experience ourselves or have witnessed family members or friends having a hard time with little sleep and even less self care. Looking after a baby is tough. When I babysit my grandchildren they wear me out pretty quickly. Well imagine multiplying that by 2 or 3 or even more. Double or triple the trouble for sure! 

I love being a newborn photographer and taking photos of twins or triplets is extra special. I worked in Neonatal in Swansea and Maternity in Carmarthen, as a Nurse and Midwife, multiple pregnancies and births are an exciting part of the job. Witnessing and participating in these births is an unbelievable experience and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity. I still regard every birth as a miracle. I still can't believe what the body and the women are capable of.

Often multiples are born early or prematurely and need to spend a little time in Special Care Baby Units or Neonatal Units and are not discharged from hospital for a few weeks or even months. This can be stressful for the parents but is essential for the health of the baby.

At Andrea B Photography, based in Llanelli, I am central to Singleton and Glangwili so cover Carmarthenshire, Swansea and as far afield as West Wales and Powys/Ceredigion and Neath Port Talbot. Clients come from all over South West Wales to me for Newborn photography. I really appreciate this and am proud that my work is appreciated as I put my heart and soul into it. 

Booking a Newborn session for a premature or early baby, twins, triplets or any other multiples is no different to a single baby. The cost is the same and I treat each baby individually and as siblings during the shoot. The due date is best booked, then as with single babies, I will alter it depending on when baby arrives. Multiples and early babies can be done in the first month or so and are still often curly like new babies up until their actual due date.

Today I did a twin girl Newborn photo shoot. How adorable were they! The smallest was still under 4lb at 4 weeks old. She was a fiesty one though. I often find that the smallest are the most independant, definately the bosses. Mams of multiples I salute you. You all seem to be doing an amazing job when you come to me, always calm and collected. Well done to you all. x

If you love newborns please check out my lovely friend Kirsty's work. She is a Newborn photographer Fife and has some beautiful images. 


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  • Tianna (Wednesday, November 27 19 10:18 pm GMT)

    Oh wow, you are the multiples Queen!

  • Nicole Whyte (Wednesday, November 27 19 09:59 pm GMT)

    oh what gorgeous images, these are adorable. x

  • Lauren (Wednesday, November 27 19 04:49 pm GMT)

    These images are so beautiful!!

  • Hannah Willis (Wednesday, November 27 19 01:56 pm GMT)

    My of my you are a legend! How gorgeous are these please? If you love by Swansea what are you waiting for?! Get booked in!

  • kirsty kaulfuss (Wednesday, November 27 19 11:15 am GMT)

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    Aha whats better then one adorable baby but tow or three!! Lovely blog post!!

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    Those triplet photos are amazing. I wish we lived closer to Llenelli x

  • Sharon (Tuesday, November 26 19 03:05 pm GMT)

    These are amazing, well done I can image twins and triplets is a lot of work during a newborn shoot.

  • Jill (Monday, November 25 19 07:39 pm GMT)

    Wow what absolutely beautiful images!

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    Oh my word, how cute. I bet a newborn photoshoot with multiples is hard work!

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    Oh wow - these are incredible - must have been such a hard session

  • Claire (Wednesday, November 20 19 08:40 pm GMT)

    Oh these twin and triplet photoshoots are stunning.

  • Lisa Louis (Wednesday, November 20 19 08:16 pm GMT)

    Triple the cuteness at a triplet newborn session! Beautiful

  • Carli (Wednesday, November 20 19 08:11 pm GMT)

    Oh soo cute!!

  • Selina (Wednesday, November 20 19 08:11 pm GMT)

    Oh my goodness, how cute!

Pregnant and Having a Baby? Let's Talk Pain Relief for Labour.


I am a mother of 6 children, 5 girls and one boy. I too was there just like you waiting impatiently for due date.....6 times. Willing my baby to be born as soon as possible because I wanted to know what they looked like, what their weight was and what family traits they would have. I felt awful during my pregnancies but I loved giving birth. Obviously painful but so exhilarating and satisfying. In awe of what a woman is capable of, always.




I am also a grandmother. I watched both my daughter's girls coming into the world one in Swansea and one in Carmarthen, and my son has 2 of his own aswell a girl and a boy. I love birth stories and when clients come to me for their newborn photography sessions, I like to chat about their experience and share stories. I see so many babies and hear so many different tales that I often forget details when parents visit again for Sitter sessions or Cake smash so please forgive me if I don't remember your particular story. 


As a Midwife I was honoured to look after and support women during pregnancy, labour and postnatally. Often this would mean trying to control their pain. Everyone has a different pain threshold and being aware of this is important. Listening to the women and how they are feeling is essential. However, pain relief can't be given too quickly, for example if the woman is not in established labour, as it can make labour longer and might have a detrimental effect on the baby. 


Being on an Antenatal ward can be frustrating for the Mam to be. Getting painful contractions and not being in established labour or being induced, which can often take a few days can get tiring. Pain relief is limited at this point and often it's a case of having to take Paracetamol, or a warm bath, or use a TENS machine which is a hand held device that uses sticky pads on your back and gives a vibration and a mild electrical current which reduce pain signals. Midwives are often cursed and shouted at because inadequate pain relief is being prescribed but their hands are tied. As labour progresses then stronger medication can be given.



During active labour a number of different pain relievers can be utilised. It is however the woman's choice as to which she wants or wants to avoid. There is no set rule as to which you should choose. It is best, however to start with the lowest risk and least invasive types. Some may need no pain relief at all, I believe there is a lot to having a positive mindset and even meditating if that is what one likes to do. Playing music, turning lights low if safe to do so and alternatives such as massage, essential oils and reflexology can be useful. (If deemed safe during pregnancy and labour of course). Moving around and staying active can also be beneficial as can using a birthing ball.


Cocodamol can be given as something a little stronger than Paracetamol as long as Paracetamol hasn't recently been taken. Gas and Air or Entonox can be inhaled. It often doesn't remove all the pain but takes the edge off it making it more bearable. There are no harmful side effects for baby but can make you feel sick. However it can easily be stopped and the symptoms wear off quickly.

The next pain relief that is often used is a Pethidine injection. This can make the baby a little sleepy if given right at the end just before delivery of baby so is best given when there is some time left before the birth. However this cannot be truly predicted and babies often come quicker or slower than we expect. If so baby will be monitored for slow breathing and a drug can be given to improve this. It can be a good form of pain relief and will help the woman relax.

Remifentanil patient controlled analgesia is used in some hospitals and can be an alternative to Epidural. These drugs often mean the woman must remain on the bed as it can numb the body below the waist. Baby also needs monitoring continuously and often the woman also. Epidurals and Remifentanil is explained here.



With my children I opted for the least amount of analgesia that was possible. I definitely believed in myself and my body so that helped me get through a lot. I didn't like Gas and Air so mostly got through with a few Paracetamol and Pethidine when I could no longer cope on my own. My first was a planned Breech Vaginal delivery and I had Pethidine for that, I was in stirrups and the whole obstetric team were in Theatre with me on standby but it went perfectly. The second I had Pethidine as he was an induction and induction pains can be very sharp due to the induction drugs. Out of the other 4, 2 I had Pethidine again and the other 2 I had nothing at all. The last was so fast that I didn't have time to think about it. I do believe however, that you must have whatever pain relief you need and want, to ensure you have the best experience that is possible. Our bodies are all different as are our circumstances but whatever you choose, you should be informed on benefits and side effects so that you can make the right choice. 


 If you want to read further about Pain relief in Labour here is a link to the NHS website.


If you'd like to learn about some great apps for Mams to be please take a look at Surrey Maternity Photographer for some useful information. x


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  • Lauren Reynolds (Wednesday, December 04 19 08:23 pm GMT)

    Great blog, really helpful for mum ahead of labour

  • Tianna (Wednesday, December 04 19 07:40 pm GMT)

    Useful information for reading!

  • Sharon (Wednesday, December 04 19 06:49 pm GMT)

    Useful info thanks

  • Jay Saunders (Wednesday, December 04 19 05:02 pm GMT)

    its great to have all the information as you just never know what you will end up having ha ha

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    Love this idea it’s an important topic for expectant mothers ❤️

  • Brooke (Tuesday, December 03 19 11:09 pm GMT)

    great post, its good to have all this information available. I only opted for gas and air. Our bodies are amazing!!!

  • Joanne (Tuesday, December 03 19 10:32 pm GMT)

    I didn't want any, but ended up needing it all - it's great to go in informed about the options

  • emma (Tuesday, December 03 19 08:10 pm GMT)

    my second was so fast I didn't get any drugs at all LOL!

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  • Nia Williams (Wednesday, November 27 19 08:24 pm GMT)

    Effects of drugs (Pethidine & epidural) on innate newborn behaviour, alertness & baby’s ability to seek out the breast and breastfeeding in those early days can be adversely affected leadint to sleepy baby, early jaundice, mum having to express more than directly feed a tired baby, formula top ups

The Importance of Printing Your Photographs.

Printing your photographs is so important in this day and age as we have millions of digital images floating around on our phones and computers and these can so easily get corrupted or lost. We need a tangible product to hold and to keep to be passed on to future generations. I offer usb's with digital copies of your photos and also corresponding prints from a professional lab as the usb can often get put into a drawer and never get seen again but it's good to have as further copies can be printed. This is why I also give good quality packaging to store your prints and usb, ones that will last years and keep them safe.

I was so guilty of this when my children were growing up. I had a few photos scattered here and there but most were never printed for displaying. It's so easy these days taking a million and one photos on mobile phones and then just losing them or storing them on your pc never to be seen again. Get your photos printed peeps. Enjoy looking at them. Our children are only small for a little while it's important to document their childhood. 


Do you have photos on social media that you see when timehop reminds you of them, having forgotten all about them? I don't want my photos to be just that I want to be able to access them when I desire and to show friends and family if they wish to see them. I may be old fashioned but what if social media platforms or cloud storage collapsed. Precious photographic memories will be lost for ever.

Photographs of your newborn baby, child or family portraits are heirlooms they are for your children and your children's children, they're to be seen by coming generations. I love old family photos, and indeed old photos of streets I grew up in or places I remember. They help you reminisce about days gone by and of who Aunt so and so looked like or who's nose your grandson has. We must continue to print these important artifacts. 



I offer canvas, wooden products, aluminium and acrylic wall art in a range of sizes. Please get in touch and enquire at Andrea B Photography, Llanelli.

I am primarily a newborn baby photographer in Carmarthenshire and it's amazing how quickly your new baby will grow so I truly believe it's so important to capture and print these photographic memories from the first days to weeks of their lives. Their little features alter so much in the first months and are easy to forget with all the hustle and bustle, hormones and emotions that are in play at this time.  I hadf 6 children and can only remember little snippets of each, but photographs jog the memory. I also love to capture pregnancy, children and families and my love for fine art type portraits is growing and I will be offering these timeless photographs soon on a special fine art paper so keep an eye out for that. 


One of my very favourite newborn photographers Maddy at best baby photos Grimsby has some beautiful colour palettes with her baby props so pop over and take a look if you have a few minutes.  


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  • Joanne (Wednesday, November 20 19 11:40 pm GMT)

    I love all of these print options

  • Lisa Louis (Wednesday, November 20 19 08:49 pm GMT)

    Nothing beats the prints in your hands!

  • Jay Saunders (Sunday, November 17 19 05:54 pm GMT)

    printing is so important! bigger the better

  • selina (Saturday, November 16 19 07:12 pm GMT)

    Massively agree with you, printing is so important

  • Sarah Osborne (Saturday, November 16 19 10:47 am GMT)

    So important to print your photos x

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    This is so important. such beautiful products xx

  • Natalie Moss (Friday, November 15 19 09:49 am GMT)

    Such a valuable point. Photos must be printed!

  • Brooke (Friday, November 15 19 06:23 am GMT)

    These products look beautiful

  • Mya (Thursday, November 14 19 08:29 pm GMT)

    So true, I need to print more of my wee family!

  • Lauren (Thursday, November 14 19 06:05 pm GMT)

    This is such a good read, I never get around to printing my photos! Life gets in the way so much easier to get them ordered with the photographer straight after the shoot

  • kirsty kaulfuss (Thursday, November 14 19 03:36 pm GMT)

    Oh my gosh, all those products i want them all <3

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Wednesday, November 13 19 09:13 pm GMT)

    Really good advice.

  • Louise (Wednesday, November 13 19 08:57 pm GMT)

    This is all so true. I'm gifting a lot of my family images in frames for Christmas this year

  • Jill Twigge (Wednesday, November 13 19 08:33 pm GMT)

    It scares me that so much of our lives are left to memory - photographs mean everything, they really do.

  • sharon (Wednesday, November 13 19 07:51 pm GMT)

    Agree 100% no point on getting professional photographs for them to sit on a USB.

  • Amy (Wednesday, November 13 19 07:35 pm GMT)

    I totally agree, we need to print our photos!


I have had a few messages asking what should we wear to our Christmas shoot so I thought I'd put together this blog just go give some ideas.


The first thing I'd say due to one of my sets being traditional is Christmas colours so reds, burgundy, bottle green and tartans will look amazing. See below for examples. However you are free to choose whatever colour you like. I can adapt the set.

Girls could wear party dresses velvet chenille velour etc. Well groomed hair is also an advantage. Boys would look great in a suit or smart jacket or shirt and jeans.

As you can see my models are holding toys so if you have any plain wooden vintage type toys or teddies you'd like to use then bring them along.

Your photos can be plain or I can add sparkles and glitter to enhance the Christmas theme. I can also make black and white if you'd prefer.

My Christmas bed set up is grey silver and cream/white but anything will match this set up traditional tartan pyjamas or bold  it's completely up you you. If you have a Christmas book you can bring this along to use as a prop. I can also mix this up and use my red set up from last year if you prefer.

My third setup will be a snowy scene something along the lines of last years see below. A coat. hat and scarf would be useful for this set up.

Details of the sessions are below:-

I do however only have one slot left.

For Saturday 9th follow this link:-

For Saturday 16th follow this link:-



Please use the link above for bookings.


I am only running for 2 dates at present. Saturday 9th November and Saturday 16th November are available to book.

Mini sessions 30 minutes please be on time for your slot.

Deposit is £30. Deposit is non refundable.


Packages are 
3 digital images(£60)
5 digital images(£80) or
10 digital images(£110) 

Extras such as Prints and canvases can also be added.

Sessions are for 30 mins and will run all day so time slots must be strictly adhered to. 
Babies should ideally be sitting without support.

There will be 2 or 3 set ups to give variety to your gallery. 


The address is 2 Beech Grove, Pwll, LlanelIi SA15 4AR. I look forward to welcoming you for your Christmas shoot. See you Saturday. x

Just before I go as you kmow newborns are my passion and Lauren has written a post about choosing your newborn photographer that you might be interested in. She is a

newborn photographer Newport, South Wales.




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  • Mya (Thursday, November 14 19 08:31 pm GMT)

    Absolutly stunning!! I want to come to your mini sessions!!

  • Sharon Nicholson (Thursday, November 14 19 07:16 pm GMT)

    Great photos

  • Sarah Osborne (Thursday, November 14 19 09:45 am GMT)

    Excellent blog and great advice.

  • Clare Perry (Wednesday, November 13 19 11:18 am GMT)

    Love these!

  • Jill (Monday, November 11 19 08:20 pm GMT)

    Gorgeous images!

  • Lauren (Sunday, November 10 19 07:16 pm GMT)

    These set ups look beautiful!

  • kirsty kaulfuss (Sunday, November 10 19 07:10 pm GMT)

    Stunning images <3

  • Hannah Willis (Sunday, November 10 19 01:03 pm GMT)

    Oh that tartan dress 😍

    Gorgeous Christmas work!! I wish I was closer :)

  • Emma Sohl (Saturday, November 09 19 03:14 pm GMT)

    You have some beautiful Christmas images!

  • Louise (Saturday, November 09 19 02:45 pm GMT)

    These look fantastic! Great tips of styling

  • Carli (Thursday, November 07 19 10:14 am GMT)

    These are so beautiful Andrea x

  • Natalie Moss (Thursday, November 07 19 10:04 am GMT)

    I love your images and styling. Beautiful Christmas images.

  • Lisa (Wednesday, November 06 19 10:00 pm GMT)

    Great advice. Your images are stunning!

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Wednesday, November 06 19 09:38 pm GMT)

    Gorgeous images!

  • Seina (Wednesday, November 06 19 09:09 pm GMT)

    Gorgeous images and great advice

  • Joanne (Wednesday, November 06 19 09:03 pm GMT)

    Ah Andrea I really love your Christmas mini photos

Christmas mini sessions

Stunning Christmas Mini photoshoots now available at Andrea B Photography, Llanelli. Photos will show a timeless vintage Christmas look and a fun set up on a cosy Christmas bed. The third setup is still to be confirmed. These will sell quickly as they have done the last few years so hurry and get booking your time slot. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here already. I can smell the hot chocolate, cinnamon and satsumas!

For Saturday 9th follow this link:-

For Saturday 16th follow this link:-



Please use the link above for bookings.


I am only running for 2 dates at present. Saturday 9th November and Saturday 16th November are available to book.

Mini sessions 30 minutes please be on time for your slot.

Deposit is £30. Deposit is non refundable.


Packages are 
3 digital images(£60)
5 digital images(£80) or
10 digital images(£110) 

Extras such as Prints and canvases can also be added.

Sessions are for 30 mins and will run all day so time slots must be strictly adhered to. 
Babies should ideally be sitting without support.

There will be 2 or 3 set ups to give variety to your gallery. 

Thank you x

Before I go I'd just like to shout out to one of my fellow photographers Emma who is a newborn photographer Milton Keynes and who has impressed me with her work this week. She has a very good blog that's worth a read about how to soothe your new baby. 


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  • Mya (Thursday, November 14 19 08:32 pm GMT)

    I love Christmas!! Beautiful

  • Jill Twigge (Wednesday, November 06 19 07:44 pm GMT)

    Oh wow - beautiful images!!! Incredibly festive. X

  • Lisa (Tuesday, November 05 19 10:19 pm GMT)

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    Your photoshoots look fantastic!

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    Gorgeous work! I love you Christmas :)

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    Wow, beautiful images!

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    These photos are lovely!

  • Emma Sohl (Thursday, October 31 19 11:59 pm GMT)

    Beautiful images!

  • Hannah Willis (Thursday, October 31 19 11:40 pm GMT)

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs!! I wish you were closer :)

  • Nicole (Thursday, October 31 19 06:23 am GMT)

    Oh these are just so cute

  • Brooke (Thursday, October 31 19 05:13 am GMT)

    These are absolutely stunning!

  • Jay Saunders (Wednesday, October 30 19 08:14 pm GMT)

    Oh my! these are amazing!

  • Selina (Wednesday, October 30 19 07:43 pm GMT)

    Lovely set up :)

  • Claire Butler (Wednesday, October 30 19 07:34 pm GMT)

    How gorgeous are these photos!! That green dress is stunning!! Beautiful set up!

Autumn outdoor sessions

Special Offer until end November 2019 - 20% off session fee

Now is the time to think about an Autumn Outdoor photography shoot. The leaves are beginning to turn from greens to beautiful orange browns and yellow autumnal colours. The ground is littered with crispy fallen leaves. The weather is unpredictable but we are still having some mild sunny days and the sunsets can be stunning at this time of year. Sunset is getting earlier too so little children are able to join in as it's much earlier than during the summer months. 

What to wear? 


The table above gives an indication of the type of colours that go well in Autumn sessions, also yellows which is not on the grid. Contrasting colours such as navy and mustard can work well and stand out from the background nicely or a similar pallette to nature such as browns reds, orange and greens are complimentary to the surrouundings. Try to get all members of the shoot in similar colours to give a seamless look to the photographs.

It can be chilly outside when standing for photos. Accessories like hats and scarves look great in Autumn shoots and give a warm cozy feeling to the photos. Also big wooly jumpers, layered clothing and sturdy footwear like boots are a good idea.

Shops such as Next, H&M and most high street stores have their warmer clothing range in now and it should be easy to find something suitable for your shoot.

If you'd like to book and take advantage of the 20% off I am running at the moment on Outdoor Sessions please get in touch.

Please note some of the images used in this blog were taken on training with Lisa McCormick last year and are used to illustrate clothing colour choices.

Another session that can be taken outdoors and look amazing at this time of year is Maternity. I have wonderful gowns in bottle green plum, teal and mustard that would look great. However maternity is also beautiful when just using scarves or material, or even nude and natural as seen in one of my best photography friend's work. Tianna is a Birmingham maternity photographer see her work here 


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  • Joanne (Wednesday, November 06 19 09:05 pm GMT)

    Ah, what wonderful outdoor sessions

  • Brooke (Wednesday, October 30 19 11:05 am GMT)

    These photos are magical. Love outdoor photoshoots

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  • marie myers (Thursday, October 24 19 09:34 pm BST)


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    I can’t wait for my Autumn session! Beautiful images

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    Lovely Photos, great time of year.

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    Ayuch beautiful images. I just love autumn. the perfect time of year for a family photoshoot

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    Ah I love all these autumnal colour palettes- gorgeous

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    Really useful, thank you

  • Claire Butler (Wednesday, October 23 19 08:00 pm BST)

    love this time of year! The lighting and colours are beautiful. Great tips too!!

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Wednesday, October 23 19 08:00 pm BST)

    l love the idea of using colour palettes. Clever!

  • Natalie Moss (Wednesday, October 23 19 07:58 pm BST)

    Love these sessions. Gorgeous pictures.

What is a cake smash

Is your baby turning one soon? Now is the time to book a cake smash session at Andrea B Photography. I am a Newborn photographer in Llanelli but also do lots of cake smashes. They include a mini portrait session, the cake smash and tub time. Therefore you will have three different looks to your photos giving lots of variety to choose from.


We will dress your baby in a smart outfit for a few photos before they get messy. This will aim to capture their personality and smiles. I can do this as a stand alone milestone portrait session also without the cake smash part. It's a great way to celebrate their first year. The little one below is my grandson and he was just beginning to take his first steps at his session so these have now been captured forever. Such a special moment.

Next comes the fun bit, smashing the cake! I can order you a bespoke cake in colours of your choice, with babies name added or you can bring your own the choice is yours. The set is designed with your colour/theme choice and I try my best to accomodate as much as possible. A certain number of outfits are also available for you to use if you wish including, cookie monster, cowboys, super heroes, and girls outfits. Please ask to see if I have what you would like. however most clients bring their own. The cake and balloons can be taken home afterwards (if there is any cake left that is!) .

After all that mess we need a clean up so it's bath tub time. I ask that you bring baby's usual bubble bath and towel. Most babies love bath time they can splash and have fun while I capture their excitement. Tub time photos are adorable and babies expressions are so comical during this part of the session.

You will have a large gallery of the 3 setups to choose your photos from and I aim to get them to you before the big day so you can share or post online for family and friends to see. Please ensure you book the cake smash within  plenty of time so that I have time to cull and edit your final choices. Packages can be purchased on top of the 5 included images that come with the cake smash cost.

My studio is based in Pwll, Llanelli. Please get in touch if you would like to book.


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  • Louise (Thursday, October 17 19 09:39 pm BST)

    Such bright & colourful photoshoots. Love this

  • Lisa (Thursday, October 17 19 08:36 pm BST)

    These look lovely and like so much fun. I wish I’d had one for my little one.

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    Aren't these little darlings gorgeous x

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    I love cake smashes, so much fun!

  • Hannah Willis (Wednesday, October 16 19 11:57 pm BST)

    Aww these look like so much fun!

  • donna jones (Wednesday, October 16 19 10:54 pm BST)

    Hi Andrea,
    Are you able to book my grandson in for a photo session please. He is 8months old.
    Kind regards

  • Jay Saunders (Wednesday, October 16 19 09:58 pm BST)

    beautiful images

  • Jill (Wednesday, October 16 19 09:23 pm BST)

    Wow!! What fabulous images and it’s such a lovely way to mark their first birthday

  • Nicole (Wednesday, October 16 19 08:58 pm BST)

    These look so much fun

  • Amy (Wednesday, October 16 19 08:32 pm BST)

    They look like so much fun!

  • Natalie moss (Wednesday, October 16 19 08:07 pm BST)

    I love the look of a cake smash. Such a fun idea.

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Wednesday, October 16 19 08:06 pm BST)

    Hehe l love a cake smash! Your images are so colourful! x

Baby Loss Awareness week 2019

*Warning* possible trigger - Miscarriage. Please do not read if this is going to affect you. 


This is an old post I put on Facebook a while ago but 9th - 15th October 2019  is Baby Loss Awareness week in the UK so I thought I'd reshare it.

So I am 1 in 4. I have had a 9 week miscarriage in the past. The last baby was 12 weeks. I miscarried in January 2018 and again in December 2018. This is why I am writing this post. To anyone going through miscarriage you are not alone.


Unfortunately many will also suffer multiple miscarriages which then disproves the 1 in 4 theory. Talk about it if you want to don't keep it to yourself. Hell, you can talk to me, send me a message I've been there.

Not everyone's story will be the same. My first was way back it was my partners and my first baby together. It was a shock. I had the support of an amazing midwife. Some may not have support, it can be lonely, but you are not alone. 

This time I was older 45 to be exact not expecting another pregnancy but welcoming it all the same. So many things could go wrong at my age and they did. I believe it is natural selection but it still hurts. I was in control of the whole ordeal I'd laboured before I knew what was to come. I now see Facebook posts of babies that have been born in the last few weeks and think that could have been us. It was however not to be. 

I'm writing this for awareness and just to say you are not alone. Being a Newborn photographer and former Midwife and Neonatal Nurse I hear lots of stories about conception and labour, miracles and joy, of struggles and heartache and unbearable loss. The death of a baby is not a rare event it happens more than we like to think and can happen to anyone. While still pregnant, during labour or after birth. Good support is essential to aid in the grief process and to assist in healing and the aim of all involved in Baby Loss Awareness week is to improve bereavment support and reduce deaths in all areas of the UK.

It still amazes me what the human body is capable of. Talk about Miscarriage, talk about loss but only if you want to. There are so many more women and families that have been through it than you think. Look after one another. I hope you like my photograph of our little baby. I hope it doesn't offend. I think it is beautiful. Thank you for reading x


This is one reason why capturing precious photos of  your pregnancies with a Maternity photo shoot and your babies with a Newborn shoot is so close to my heart. I must mention also Brooke Duley, who is a Sunshine Coast Maternity photographer in Australia, her work gives an example of how beautiful your maternity shoot could be. See some examples here 


There is a Miscarriage support group in Carmarthen for anyone who would like to contact them

Some useful websites:-


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  • Marie (Wednesday, October 02 19 10:36 pm BST)

    Did a beautiful blog and helpful links.
    Thank you for sharing Andrea

  • Tianna (Wednesday, October 02 19 10:18 pm BST)

    Oh Andrea, how incredibly brave of you to share your painful experiences. Thank you for speaking about miscarriage and baby loss. It is incredibly important to have these conversations so we know how to help and support those going through or have experienced the loss of a pregnancy and baby.

  • Amy (Wednesday, October 02 19 10:04 pm BST)

    Thanks for writing this, it’s comforting to know you’re not alone x

  • jay saunders photography (Wednesday, October 02 19 10:03 pm BST)

    Thank you for sharing and sorry for your loss

  • Hannah Willis (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:47 pm BST)

    Aww this is heartbreaking but it’s really important to raise awareness. Beautiful blog ❤️

  • Sharon Nicholson (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:46 pm BST)

    Thanks for sharing, we need to speak about this more.

  • Emma (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:32 pm BST)

    Thank you for sharing this. Lots of love

  • jill (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:25 pm BST)

    I am so sorry you have had to go through this. I have miscarried too and its an incredibly hard time. Thank you for sharing.

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:17 pm BST)

    Love to anyone affected. Can't imagine.

  • Lisa (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:17 pm BST)

    Such an emotional topic. Love to all the babies who got their wings too soon xx

  • Lauren Reynolds (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:10 pm BST)

    What an emotional read, I'm sorry for your loses.

  • Kirsty (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:05 pm BST)

    Aw what a beautifully written post, i am so sorry for your loss :( the gift that you give to other families is truly beautiful and selfless x

  • Clare Perry (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:02 pm BST)

    Sending love to all those that feel this week :( and great links for those in need. xxx

  • Louise (Wednesday, October 02 19 08:46 pm BST)

    Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing & supporting. I'm also 1in4, loss at 9 weeks in 2013. I still think about the baby I lost x

newborn photography. why choose andrea b photography?

Newborn Photography. Why choose Andrea B Photography?

Before the excitement and emotional rollercoaster of giving birth to the most precious  newborn little bundle of love has begun to calm itself, a new Mother (or both parents) have to decide on so many different decisions and choices such as, shall we give Vitamin K? Do I breast or bottle feed, and what if it doesn't work? Which nappies do I use? How often do we change them? What happens with the cord? Do I bath baby straight away? What will we name little one? When shall I register the birth? Will baby ever sleep??? Of course she must think about all this and take care of herself.

As a former Neonatal Nurse and Midwife I often get asked for advice during Newborn Photography sessions and Maternity also. I'm happy to chat about any problems or difficulties new Mams encounter or just to talk about the birth if that is what is needed. I want my sessions to be relaxed and informal with no pressure on the parents. This is why I only schedule in one per day. The session can last 3 to 4 hours but is sometimes done in 2. Babies have their own minds and sometimes need time to settle, time for a feed or change and I don't rush this.


A Newborn Portrait session might be the last thing on your mind with so much going on. Midwife appointments, Health Visitor checks and visitors calling. It is important to remember though that there is a small window for capturing those tiny little details, the newborn fingers and toes the fine baby hair and milk spots. The curly poses that make baby look so content and small can normally only be achieved in the first few weeks.  At my studio, Andrea B Photography based in Pwll, Llanelli, I like to book babies in from around day 5 to day 14 to ensure I have a good chance of shooting a full gallery. In babies a little older than this there is a chance but they can be more alert and awake and therefore more difficult to pose. I have a relaxed home studio that is heated to make sure baby is comfortable and can offer tea,coffee and snacks to parents. Parking is available on the drive and I am easy to get to just off a main road.

You only need to bring yourself, baby and essentials such as baby milk, nappies and a dummy if you use one. I have all the props needed for the session, buckets, bowls,wraps, outfits, bonnets headbands for the baby girls. I try to use ethically sourced and natural fibres as much as possible and love the rustic look to them and subdued colours. If there is a particular colur theme you'd like just let me know and I will accomodate you as best I can. I do have most colours in my studio anyway.

It makes sense to book your Newborn session after your 20 week scan so that you don't have to think about it again. Singleton Hospital in Swansea and Glangwili in Carmarthen both offer patients an ultrasound scan at around this time so just send me a message or go to my website to book an estimated date once your due date is known. An automated email reminder will then be sent to you around your due date and we can arrange a suitable date once we know when baby has arrived.


I have been trained by top newborn photography trainers from the USA (Ana Brandt), Canada (Sandra Hill) and Australia (Kelly Brown) and of course many from the UK, and I am continuously learning and improving to ensure baby is safe  during their Newborn session at Andrea B Photography. I have photographed a few hundred babies since starting out in photography and am proficient and confident in handling them. I never put baby under any pressure or force poses and composite photos to look like baby is alone when I sometimes keep my hands on baby for certain poses. Safety first. Always.



I admire fellow newborn photographers who put babies safety first and Sharon Nicholson Newborn photographer Aberdeen is one of those who advocates baby safety and has been photographing babies for many years. She is based in Portlethen, Aberdeen and her work is beautiful. You can see her work here



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  • Mya (Wednesday, October 02 19 09:41 pm BST)

    what a great read!! thank you for sharing!

  • Carli (Saturday, September 28 19 01:50 pm BST)

    Wow these images are stunning xx

  • Brooke (Saturday, September 28 19 01:24 pm BST)

    Beautiful images. I love that you use ethically sourced and natural fibres

  • Tianna (Thursday, September 26 19 04:44 pm BST)

    These are incredible, well done! Beautiful work and those babies!! Lovely!

  • Natalie (Thursday, September 26 19 02:40 pm BST)

    Lovely images. Such a great newborn photographer.

  • Hannah Willis (Thursday, September 26 19 12:46 pm BST)

    I’m love with your work Andrea ❤️ I love your colour palettes they are stunning 😍

  • Louise Ferguson (Thursday, September 26 19 10:04 am BST)

    Brilliant blog. I'd definitely book with you if I were nearer Sharon!

The Travelling Dress

Travelling Dress

The Travelling Dress Shoot - 7th March 2019

Jun 1, 2019
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A visit to a fellow photographer

A Visit to Elaine Rolfe Photography


Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting a fellow photographer in Abergavenny, Elaine Rolfe. Elaine is also a Newborn photographer along with other genres. We had previously met in The Northern Newborn Photography Show in Blackpool earlier in the year. I took the train from Llanelli and decided to make a day of it as the journey is over 2 hours long. I was made very welcome and was invited into her lovely home studio. It's extremely important to have friends with common interests as being a self employed photographer working alone can be lonely, so discussing ideas and sharing experiences can be uplifting and invaluable.

We borrowed her gorgeous newborn grandson Cody as our model for the day, which I am thankful to his Mam and Dad for, and we experimented. Elaine's use of colour was refreshing and the use of flowers which makes her work stand out was a really pretty touch. We did submit Cody to wearing a flower bonnet so I apologise for that now, although it will make a hilarious photo to show at his 18th birthday party! This is not something I would normally do so don't worry about your little ones when they come for a Newborn photography session with me in Llanelli !!

I was in my element looking through all Elaine's props and there is close competition there as to who is the biggest prop hoarder out of the two of us. We did some prop shots using a bucket and tried potato sack on flokati then continued onto the bean bag. Cody was not a happy chappy, he is a big strong boy and was 3 weeks old but he was chilled enough to let us pose him for a short while.

I really like the zingy colours of the last photo. Elaine demonstrated her lovely lighting and how she utilises her large umbrella and beanbag position to make the best of the light and shadows. We then went for lunch and a good chat, bouncing ideas of each other, and a walk round the lovely quirky town which had lots of independent unusual shops. It was nice to get out as I have been reluctant to go recently. We arranged a further trip where we will be trying some new maternity ideas very soon. I then caught a very crowded train back home. Thank you to Elaine at Elaine Rolfe Photography for her company. x

Natalie has a great blog to have a look at about costs of newborn baby photoshoots and what you are paying for. Take a look at it if you have a few minutes- baby photoshoot Surrey x


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  • Lisa (Friday, January 17 20 08:50 am GMT)

    I love getting together with my photography friends. Trying new ideas and helping each other. Self employment can be so lonely without it

  • Tianna Jarrett-Williams (Tuesday, January 14 20 10:58 am GMT)

    How lovely is it that you worked together. In this industry, self employment can be and is very lonely for the majority of the time!

    I’m planning on doing some co-working with local photographers!

  • Brooke (Thursday, January 09 20 12:46 am GMT)

    What a fun catch up! Elaine is lovely, she helped out with my maternity photoshoot that Sujata did for me. Its so nice having the opportunity to work with other photographers


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