Andrea B Photography Maternity. Newborn. Baby. Child.
Andrea B PhotographyMaternity. Newborn. Baby. Child.  

My studio


Located in Pwll, Llanelli, my spacious studio is a versatile location for any photo shoot. I heat it so that the babies are kept warm as we often change outfits, and the warm environment encourages sleep, so we can achieve those curly newborn poses that everyone loves.


At andreabphotography I have a large collection of backdrops, outfits and accessories to use during sessions. I can work with you beforehand to plan the shoot, where you can choose colours and items that you prefer to use or that match your home decor so that your prints look stunning when hung on the wall.

Session Times

Due to the nature of my sessionsandreabphotography andreabphotographyand how unpredictable my clients can be, I am relaxed about timing of my shoots. Newborn sessions tend to take the longest as baby needs to be fed, changed or settled in between taking photos. These sessions can therefore take 1-3 hours depending on baby. I encourage you to take this time to get comfortable, relax and enjoy a cuppa after all you need to rest as you have just given birth!  


With other sessions I have to allow the babies and little ones to get used to me and the environment so I like them to settle in a little. I cannot rush them, they will guide the session and when they have had enough then that's the end.

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Use our hassle-free online form to book a session now, send me a text on 07904166298  or get in touch through my facebook page I'm always happy to help.

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I take great pride in my ability to create stunning photography. To see for yourself, have a look at my complete portfolio.