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Deluxe Photo Album

Purchased digital photos can be printed in a deluxe acrylic covered photo book which comes with a usb and acrylic cover box. Different sizes and finishes are available.


This range of canvas is hand made, and make a fantastic addition to the the décor of any home or office. All canvases are created using premium quality 420g polycotton canvas, and printed using HP Designjet Vivid Photo Inks for beautiful, richly detailed results. Once printed, the canvas is stretched over a warp-free Baltic pine frame. Canvas comes as a standard canvas or make it stand out with a beautiful frame. Lots of frames to choose from.




Standard Canvas


24x16     £140

30x20     £160

36x24     £200

40x30     £260

 60x40     £380




Framed Canvas


24x16     £210

30x20     £240

36x24     £290

40x30     £360





Ornate Frame


The Ornate Frame is a hugely opulent, highly decorative and show-stopping framed wall art product. These hand made baroque swept frames radiate luxury with intricately swept detailed edges. The carved solid wood frame is hand painted and coated in layers of gold leaf providing a decadent finish. The Ornate is available in a huge 5.5" wide frame.



20x16     £525

30x20     £710

36x24     £870

  48x36     £1070




Tray Frame

The bespoke, hand made Tray Frame is  something truly unique. 

A beautifully textured Hahnemuhle German Etching Fine Art Print is hand coated with a protective giclee varnish protecting against UV and scratches whilst still retaining the sumptuous texture of the Hahnemuhle Fine Art Print, it is then mounted within a stunning tray frame leaving a gap around the edge creating the illusion that it is suspended within the frame.
Choose between a clean, crisp edge to your print or a torn, deckled edge to add a more distinct and unique finish and due to the protective nature of the giclee varnish, no glass or acrylic is needed to protect your print ensuring that your image is reflection free. The Tray Frame is available in Black, white, grey and natural wood.



24x16     £390

30x20     £460

36x24     £600

40x30     £700

  60x40     £1000



Fine Art Frame

The Fine Art is a stunning combination of a beautiful heavyweight Fine Art Etch print with heavy surface texture and one of our fine art frame options. This product is hand made and has a luxurious finish unmatched by anything else on the market. There are seven coats of satin giclee varnish hand applied by experienced technicians, protecting it from UV and scratches, making this a premium product. It is board mounted and framed in a hand finished frame of your choice from the collection.



24x16     £390

30x20     £460

36x24     £600

40x30     £700

  60x40     £1000




Vintage Frame

The Vintage comes in a wide variety of frame options. Each frame moulding is individually painted so that every frame is unique. You can choose to have a Fuji Crystal Matte photographis print or a Fine Art etch print. The photographic print option comes with a double cut mount and perspex. The Fine Art option is varnished for protection and has no mount or perspex in the finished frame. 



24x16     £390

30x20     £460

36x24     £600

40x30     £700

  60x40     £1000




Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic wall art comes in 4 shapes, Rectangle, Square, Circle or Octagon. Clean sleek edges and a high gloss contemporary finish are the hallmarks of these stunning products.





30x20     £310

36x24     £500

40x30     £625

60x40     £780




20x20     £210

24x24     £275




Circle and Octagon

20"     £210

24"     £275

29"     £375




Acrylic Circle

Acrylic Circles are hand made and are produced with ultra-high clarity acrylic and come in standard or HD. A great alternative to the normal rectangle or square designs. Perfect for grouping together to make a bubble wall.


Acrylic Octagon

Acrylic Octagons are hand made and are produced with ultra-high clarity acrylic and come in standard or HD.They will make a bold statement in your home, they are on trend and a focal point. A modern geometric shaped acrylic to be on up to date with this years interior design style.


Acrylic Tray Frames

Rectangle or square acrylics can be framed.

Multi Frames

There are 12 layouts to choose from in the Multi Frame, all of which are available in a wide range of frame mouldings. Please contact me for full details.