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memorial tattoos

This is not newborn photography or in fact photography related at all apart from the fact that I documented it by taking photos of the journey, but I wanted to create a blog where I can keep all the photos safe. Since we lost Michaela so many friends and family members have had a tattoo done in her memory and I don't want to lose any of the photos. It is such a touching thing to do and I am so grateful and blessed that she had so many true friends that thought the world of her. I'm sure she would be shocked and amazed seeing all these tributes. The words thank you don't seem to be enough to express how I feel seeing this love become a visible permanent part of each and every one of you. Tattoos are still being done to this day two and a half years later. x

My memorial tattoo journey began in 2017 along with family members. Michaela was known as Stagg in the Army and many of the tattoos depict a Stagg. She had one herself on her leg so a few had Michaela's exact design tattooed on their legs.  

My first was on my foot. 

Other family members had different designs.

My design was based on a Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler, as Michaela liked to listen to it. It took 3 sittings of around 4 hours each and is now finished but I want to add to it slowly to extend it down my leg. I feel that it is a way to help come to terms with her leaving us and a way to express emotions. It is a permanent symbol of her that I carry with me every day, everywhere I go. Strangely enough it does bring some comfort to me. 

My finished thigh piece.

I will add some photos now of tattoos friends have had done the first one being a large chest piece.

As more tattoos are done I will add to be continued. x

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special offers

Black Friday has flown and Monday madness has melted but here at Andrea B Photography I have some exciting special offers for you. 

Deal 1. 

Fine Art childrens portraits. Special price of £40 and includes one print on luxury fine art paper. These sessions will be quality not quanitity shoots so there will be a choice out of a maximum of 10 beautiful fine art style photos. These type of photographs will be timeless and classic and ones you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Deal 2.

This is a permanent deal that I have had ongoing for a while. Book a Newborn shoot with me and get a Maternity shoot and 3 digital photos for £40. Must be both booked at the same time. 

Deal 3.

Book a Newborn shoot with me and get a mini portrait shoot for when baby is sitting up for £20. This is a lovely age to photograph and brings out baby's personality. No products are included. Must be both booked at the same time. 

These deals will run until december 31st 2019 and will increase in price for 2020 so be quick! 

Please contact me via Facebook or my website to BOOK or for more information.



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  • Joanne Lewis (Wednesday, December 11 19 02:04 pm GMT)

    Great offers, especially to double up on photography sessions with a newborn photoshoot. Incredible value, and it's nice to find one photographer who can help document your famy growing

  • Natalie Moss (Wednesday, December 11 19 10:55 am GMT)

    Some fantastic offers for your clients. Wish we were closer as would get some pictures done of my children!

  • Hannah Willis (Wednesday, December 11 19 10:39 am GMT)

    Beautiful work Andrea! I would love to live near you as your offers are fantastic!

  • Lauren Reynolds (Wednesday, December 04 19 08:21 pm GMT)

    My goodness, those first two portrait images are absolutely breathtaking! great deals x

pregnant and having a baby. let's talk pain relief.

I am a mother of 6 children, 5 girls and one boy. I too was there just like you waiting impatiently for due date.....6 times. Willing my baby to be born as soon as possible because I wanted to know what they looked like, what their weight was and what family traits they would have. I felt awful during my pregnancies but I loved giving birth. Obviously painful but so exhilarating and satisfying. In awe of what a woman is capable of, always.

I am also a grandmother. I watched both my daughter's girls coming into the world one in Swansea and one in Carmarthen, and my son has 2 of his own aswell a girl and a boy. I love birth stories and when clients come to me for their newborn photography sessions, I like to chat about their experience and share stories. I see so many babies and hear so many different tales that I often forget details when parents visit again for Sitter sessions or Cake smash so please forgive me if I don't remember your particular story. 

As a Midwife I was honoured to look after and support women during pregnancy, labour and postnatally. Often this would mean trying to control their pain. Everyone has a different pain threshold and being aware of this is important. Listening to the women and how they are feeling is essential. However, pain relief can't be given too quickly, for example if the woman is not in established labour, as it can make labour longer and might have a detrimental effect on the baby. 

Being on an Antenatal ward can be frustrating for the Mam to be. Getting painful contractions and not being in established labour or being induced, which can often take a few days can get tiring. Pain relief is limited at this point and often it's a case of having to take Paracetamol, or a warm bath, or use a TENS machine which is a hand held device that uses sticky pads on your back and gives a vibration and a mild electrical current which reduce pain signals. Midwives are often cursed and shouted at because inadequate pain relief is being prescribed but their hands are tied. As labour progresses then stronger medication can be given.

During active labour a number of different pain relievers can be utilised. It is however the woman's choice as to which she wants or wants to avoid. There is no set rule as to which you should choose. It is best, however to start with the lowest risk and least invasive types. Some may need no pain relief at all, I believe there is a lot to having a positive mindset and even meditating if that is what one likes to do. Playing music, turning lights low if safe to do so and alternatives such as massage, essential oils and reflexology can be useful. (If deemed safe during pregnancy and labour of course). Moving around and staying active can also be beneficial as can using a birthing ball.

Cocodamol can be given as something a little stronger than Paracetamol as long as Paracetamol hasn't recently been taken. Gas and Air or Entonox can be inhaled. It often doesn't remove all the pain but takes the edge off it making it more bearable. There are no harmful side effects for baby but can make you feel sick. However it can easily be stopped and the symptoms wear off quickly.

The next pain relief that is often used is a Pethidine injection. This can make the baby a little sleepy if given right at the end just before delivery of baby so is best given when there is some time left before the birth. However this cannot be truly predicted and babies often come quicker or slower than we expect. If so baby will be monitored for slow breathing and a drug can be given to improve this. It can be a good form of pain relief and will help the woman relax.

Remifentanil patient controlled analgesia is used in some hospitals and can be an alternative to Epidural. These drugs often mean the woman must remain on the bed as it can numb the body below the waist. Baby also needs monitoring continuously and often the woman also. Epidurals and Remifentanil is explained here.

With my children I opted for the least amount of analgesia that was possible. I definitely believed in myself and my body so that helped me get through a lot. I didn't like Gas and Air so mostly got through with a few Paracetamol and Pethidine when I could no longer cope on my own. My first was a planned Breech Vaginal delivery and I had Pethidine for that, I was in stirrups and the whole obstetric team were in Theatre with me on standby but it went perfectly. The second I had Pethidine as he was an induction and induction pains can be very sharp due to the induction drugs. Out of the other 4, 2 I had Pethidine again and the other 2 I had nothing at all. The last was so fast that I didn't have time to think about it. I do believe however, that you must have whatever pain relief you need and want, to ensure you have the best experience that is possible. Our bodies are all different as are our circumstances but whatever you choose, you should be informed on benefits and side effects so that you can make the right choice. 

 If you want to read further about Pain relief in Labour here is a link to the NHS website.

If you'd like to learn about some great apps for Mams to be please take a look at Surrey Maternity Photographer for some useful information. x


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  • Lauren Reynolds (Wednesday, December 04 19 08:23 pm GMT)

    Great blog, really helpful for mum ahead of labour

  • Tianna (Wednesday, December 04 19 07:40 pm GMT)

    Useful information for reading!

  • Sharon (Wednesday, December 04 19 06:49 pm GMT)

    Useful info thanks

  • Jay Saunders (Wednesday, December 04 19 05:02 pm GMT)

    its great to have all the information as you just never know what you will end up having ha ha

  • Hannah Willis (Wednesday, December 04 19 02:03 pm GMT)

    Love this idea it’s an important topic for expectant mothers ❤️

  • Brooke (Tuesday, December 03 19 11:09 pm GMT)

    great post, its good to have all this information available. I only opted for gas and air. Our bodies are amazing!!!

  • Joanne (Tuesday, December 03 19 10:32 pm GMT)

    I didn't want any, but ended up needing it all - it's great to go in informed about the options

  • emma (Tuesday, December 03 19 08:10 pm GMT)

    my second was so fast I didn't get any drugs at all LOL!

  • MADELEINE ROGERS (Tuesday, December 03 19 02:16 pm GMT)

    l wanted it all lol

  • Natalie Moss (Monday, December 02 19 10:59 am GMT)

    Some useful information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Louise (Sunday, December 01 19 08:30 pm GMT)

    Some fantastic tips here, thank you

  • Mya (Sunday, December 01 19 03:39 pm GMT)

    Great advice on labour pain management for the pregnant ladies.

  • Selina (Sunday, December 01 19 09:22 am GMT)

    Great read, thank you

  • Kathryn Hill (Thursday, November 28 19 08:07 pm GMT)

    Great information for expectant mums

  • Sarah Osborne (Thursday, November 28 19 09:31 am GMT)

    Some really good information here thanks for sharing

  • Nia Williams (Wednesday, November 27 19 08:24 pm GMT)

    Effects of drugs (Pethidine & epidural) on innate newborn behaviour, alertness & baby’s ability to seek out the breast and breastfeeding in those early days can be adversely affected leadint to sleepy baby, early jaundice, mum having to express more than directly feed a tired baby, formula top ups